Monday, Jun 30 2014

A River For All.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with community leaders to learn about a deeply important local resource to our city that has been sorely neglected, the Duwamish River.

The Duwamish is a huge part of our history as Seattleites.  It’s the only river that runs through Seattle.  For thousands of years the river has served as the primary food source for the people that live on and around the river, and communities throughout generations have called the Duwamish home.  As someone who is proud to have lived in Seattle my entire life, I was inspired to learn about the history and legacy of the river, and the rich culture of the Duwamish tribe. I was alarmed, however, to learn more about the river’s current state and negative impact on our city’s public health.


Over time, industry and big business have contaminated the river with toxic levels of waste, making it one of the most polluted and dangerous rivers in America. This directly affects the lives of today’s residents. The life expectancy for people living in South Park (the community that lives on/around the river) is 8 years less than the rest of Seattle overall, and 13 years less than those living in more affluent Seattle neighborhoods.  

This is not an equal playing field. If industry were to dump toxic amounts of waste into Lake Washington on the shores of Laurelhurst or Madison Park, we would do something about it.  This is no different, yet the largely low-income communities of South Park and Georgetown go unnoticed and ignored.  

We share a collective responsibility to protect this land and to honor the people who first lived here. For the Duwamish and many other tribes, this is where they fish and the food that they eat.  Fishing on this river is part of who they are and their community’s lineage.  

I believe that it is our responsibility as members of Seattle to clean and restore this river back to health, and to make sure that ALL children can grow up and have access to a clean and safe environment.  To ensure that the salmon they eat will act as nourishment and not lead to disease.  

We are Seattle.  No bridge, boundaries or invisible man-made lines divide us.  This is our home, our people and our community. This is our city’s only river, and I want to do my part to make sure that it’s safe for all that reside here. I stand in solidarity with community leaders and families who have organized for years to right this injustice.

Please follow the link below to learn more and take action on this important issue.

Follow this link to win a kayaking trip with me on the Duwamish!


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